Making the Cage + Come See It In Real Life!

Hi guys! You may have been wondering if you could come see the show. Of course you can! The private view is going to be fantastic, of course. There will be art and free alcohol, so come along and see the show! if you can’t make the show on Monday, you can also come see my work (and everyone else’s) Tuesday through Thursday (we take it down on Friday, so if you come then, you may see me if you come before 10, but it will be a madhouse and I don’t suggest it).

Important: If you come Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday, you need to tell the security at reception that you’re there to see the Foundation Final Show (if you bring the invite, that should get you in) because they’re quite strict about getting into college, but the show is open to the public, so just tell ’em you’re there for the show.

Also, if you read my last kickstarter update, it’s important to note that the dates have changed. It opens to the public on the 16th, not the 9th. 

Any questions and you can email me!


“What cage?”

The cage the map wraps around! Oh yeah, baby; it’s a cylinder!

Like what you see? Come back tomorrow for an update about the kinds of yarn I used! AND how I got started knitting!

Lastly, if you are as hungry as I am…

Click that lovely picture to get your hands on some vegan, wheat-free chocolate fruit bars! And if you can also try Whole Foods to find them (in Marin, San Francisco, and Arizona). Om NOM.