The Great Big Movie KnitList

Hope you enjoyed that and got some new ideas for movies to watch!

Not all of them were winners, as you may have noticed (Cedar Rapids, A Single Man…) but some repeats remain a 5-star (Bridesmaids, Thank You For Smoking…), and I discovered some great new films (Memento, Raising Arizona), most of which were suggested by my super-hip mom. We’ll forgive her The Player since she brought us such classics.

And, because I am still doing back blog posts (we had way more than expected!), I wanted to share Miriam’s website with you! 

She’s got some rockin’ dog art that fills my bowl/wags my tail/throws my ball.


Backer Rewards! Check out these fingerless gloves!


Made for (and modeled by) Molly, one of my $50 backers. Pictures of more gloves coming soon!


And my movie list is complete! Also coming this week!

And the giant cylinder becomes a panorama and will be in your mailboxes this weekend!