Two Thirds Done! See me meditate!

Maxine wanted me to blog about knitting as meditation.

The show date is revealed to be April 16th.

You’ll also get to see 2/3 of the map!


2 responses to “Two Thirds Done! See me meditate!

  1. Your knitted map is beautiful. I’d love to see a photograph of it on the blog, even at two thirds. And I agree about the meditation; I stitch for the same.

  2. HEY GIRL, you’re awesome. Also what is that great cowl you’re wearing? I usually recognize your knitwear, haha!

    Also next time can you show us the back?? I noticed its tentacle-y tendency at the end of this video and I am curious to know how you are preventing the continents from falling out of the ocean (I’ve never done intarsia, if you couldn’t tell)!

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