Flying Squirrel = Low-Brow Animation

The music you hear is in fact the Squirrel Nut Zippers. I thought it appropriate.

Thanks Stephen for having me blog about flying squirrels! They are truly fantastic creatures.


6 responses to “Flying Squirrel = Low-Brow Animation

  1. Grammy

    Love the squirrel, Bonnie. Does he have a name? “Russle” came in the post today. I can’t get over how similar your style is to Missy Camp’s. Same sense of humor, too. Sending another post of the map soon? I have a couple of movie suggestions for you if you haven’t seen them – “Duplex” with Ben Stiller and Drew Barrymore and “Parenthood” with Steve Martin. Love getting these videos.

  2. The best flying squirrel (though yours is also darn awesome) is Rocky from Rocky and Bullwinkle!

  3. stephen

    That. is. neat. I wasnt expecting animation to come out of that suggestion. Thanks! Henceforth he shall be named Mock. Mock being an old Godwin family name, and a fine name for a rodent of his caliber.

    Mock the Flying Squirrel!!!
    (but dont really, he’s awfully nice, and a rodent of high caliber)

    also i give permission to any who might wish to use that as a band name. i realize it’ll be a lot of pressure performing up to a name that great, but i have faith that you can do it.


    Stephen Godwin

  4. Love the “animation” Bonnie 🙂 Found this flying squirrel song on YouTube:

    As it happens I’ll have a flying squirrel/lion in my story.

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