Dragons + Street Cred

GUYS, this project successfully made me recognizable to a waitress at a pub! Watch the video to hear the exciting tale and find out how little I know about dragons.


Flying Squirrel = Low-Brow Animation

The music you hear is in fact the Squirrel Nut Zippers. I thought it appropriate.

Thanks Stephen for having me blog about flying squirrels! They are truly fantastic creatures.

Giant Salamanders!


There are so many great things to learn about giant salamanders. Here are just a few fun facts.

I also apparently don’t know where Colorado is, even though I’ve been there.

South America/Australia + Swiftest Yarn Swift

We made $1675 with this kickstarter project! That’s an overwhelming 186% of what I goaled.

THANK YOU! You all make my days full of smiles, yarn, and magic.

I’m about 1/3 of the way done with the map’s base (land and water minus small islands). I’m on row 99 right now, so I’m just running along and watching many movies, which I am also tracking so you can later see what I was watching while knitting your home!

157% Butterfly Projections

Bonnie Kate here to talk about map projection and show off Antarctica!

What is projection?

What am I watching?

139% Interview on Good Day Sacramento

Latest Videos « Good Day Sacramento.


Check this out! Voila the interview I promised.

137% Started Antarctica

I started and I’ve completed 6 hours of knitting so far!


What are you knitting?

130% We Made the Telly

We made television, guys! So I’m going to be interviewed by these folks:


Sunday the 12th at 6:30 PST and you can watch online OR catch up later afterwards!

Good work, team!

Are you confuzzeled?

115% Ten Top Countries


You’re asking me “Where should I be an artist?”
And I’m telling you.

Here are the top 10.

And if you want to know more or like knitting, visit:

105% Knitting Sorcery + the Moon

We made our goal in 5 days! And now we are just going up! I am going to use extra funds to make the moon and to help support my small business.

Which is here: