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I am going to knit a 7 foot wide map of the world for my final major project at the London College of Communication.

Who are you and why are you wearing so many hats? I’m Bonnie Kate! Last January I started knitting and gave myself the goal of 11 hats (for 2011). In the end, I made 24, most of which are now in the happy homes of friends and family. You can see more of my knitwear at: or at

What kind of map? I am hand knitting a world map, demonstrating through color where it is best to be an artist, where grants for the arts are plentiful and a dynamic artistic community thrives.

Where is it being displayed? The map will be my contribution for my final show at university. It will be on display for a number of days there where approximately 12’000 people will have a chance to see all the glory, from students to professors, to London’s artists.

Why should I support this? By supporting this map, you are allowing me to purchase the 6000 yards of yarn with which I need to knit. That’s 60 football fields of yarn. Your support will prove to London’s artistic community that knitting is a valid art form, that it can be monumental, that knitting can be cool, graphic, and innovative.

So what’s in it for me? I like things. I imagine you do! Every contribution gets you a lovely hi-res image of the map photographed by our professionals in the LCC studio (they have lights and cameras would you believe it?). You’ll also get updates on how the map is progressing through my blog: where I’ll post videos, songs, photos, and knitting tips. And if you look to the side, you’ll see how you can earn knit goods, blog features (all happen between March and April), a spot on the map, even your initials on the final piece!

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